Neural Labs provides a solution that automates the reading of data from identity documents – a passport, a foreign passport, an ID card, etc.
Our solution allows you to significantly reduce the number of errors when entering data related to the human factor. And also significantly speed up data entry in comparison with manual input.

распознавание паспорта распознавание паспорта

The task of extracting data from certifying documents is relevant in any field where it is necessary to quickly and with minimum errors enter the details of the passport and other documents. Our solution allows you to accurately find and recognize the series and number of the passport, name, as well as any fields of the certifying documents that you need to automatically recognize for the purposes of your business.

Why us?

– Our solution is based on machine learning algorithms and OCR;
– High accuracy of document recognition at low sensitivity to image quality and size;
– Neural networks allows us to improve the result of document recognition day by day, as the training of the neural network occurs constantly;
– The processing speed of a single document is a split second (!) Together with the preprocessing of the image and the search the required fields on the photo;
– Very competitive price of our solution compared to the price of industrial giants;
– Individual approach to the tasks of your business. Our solution is flexibly configured and easily adapted to achieve the result you need.


You can try our service on your data by clicking the “Demo” button. Demo allows to recognize the series and the internal passport number of a citizen of Ukraine. You can send a scan copy of the document or passport photo: passport should be located horizontally, widely opened, passport should fall completely into the frame.

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